Specifically for the KA2 Class, the Rok DVS-J engine offers great and unique driving sensations, making the fun and challenge experience greater and higher. Only a big manufacturer, with many years of successful experience, as Vortex, is able to realize a similar project.


The engine has the following features: single-cylinder 2 stroke engine, displacement 125cc, reed valve intake in the crankcase. Liquid-cooled through external pump (not supplied in the kit). It is also equipped with a balancer shaft that reduces vibrations and power valve that improves performance and driveability.

The engine comes in a complete kit with IBEA branded ROK DVS Ø 24mm carburettor, Arrow intake silencer, exhaust with integrated exhaust silencer. Rok DVS engine does not require special efforts to start, thanks to the decompression push-to-start valve on the head. This system, combined with other technical solutions, keeps the Rok DVS faithful to the philosophy that has made the success of the Rok Cup: high performance, ease of management and ease of use.