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With this tool you are able to easily measure:

·         Toe

·         Camber

·         Compare Castor

·         Wheelbase

·         Chassis Twist

·         Check your ‘dynamic’ reading, letting you know what your kart does on the track

It can also diagnose bent King Pins and Spindles.

The V2 Inox Contains:

·         1 Set of Sintered 316 Stainless Steel V2 Inox bodies

·         1 Set of spare batteries

·         1 Stainless Steel Rule

·         1 Rare Earth Magnet

·         1 Instruction

·         1 Packaging


Fits onto any Spindle upto 63mm. Diametre.The V2 Inox is a 2 laser system which lets you quickly and easily set camber and toe on your kart. It gives the ability to measure static (kart on the trolley) and dynamic (kart on the ground with driver in place) so you know exactly how the kart responds. This system is suited for everyone racing karts, ideal to be used at the track between races to alter setup or to check alignment.

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Dimensions 0.05 × 0.3 × 0.05 cm


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