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Exgel seat pad 17 for karting

Exgel seat pad 17  L-type is a specially developed gel pad that absorbs the impact of the shocks the driver undergoes while racing.

To be placed in the kart seat.

The gelpads are composed of : EXGEL® (synthetic rubber), urethane foam, chloroprene rubber, nylon 100%.

Impact, pressure and tilt. EXGEL reduces these three stresses and supports drivers.

Compared to general purpose urethane, EXGEL has ten or more times the shock absorbency. EXGEL motorsports products protect pilots from intense g-forces and impacts. EXGEL’s flexibility reduces shear forces and enables comfortable riding. For the safety and comfort of all drivers. EXGEL supports driver performance.

Key features of Exgel Seat Pad are:

  • RESISTANCE to absorb impact EXGEL absorbs impact and makes you sit more securely in your chair…
  • FLEXIBILITY EXGEL stretches about twenty times but always restores itself to its original shape. This flexibility redistributes the pressure.
  • FLOWING SUPPORT to reduce shear stress, EXGEL moves with the body’s natural movements and reduces shear stress.

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