REV Nylon Sprocket Protector Set


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The REV Nylon Sprocket Protector Set features 12 steel inserts on either side of the protector, 6 thru holes and 6 threaded holes.  This allows the consumer to thread the provided M6 x 40mm cap head bolts and oversized M6 washer into the protector, forming a “stud” (We recommend the use of red loctite).  The sprocket carrier, sprocket and other side of the protector can then be installed and fastened using the provided M6 nylon flange nuts.  No T-bar required!

This system is proven to allow for the quickest sprocket changes in comparison to all competitors.

** Current models do not fit OTK sprocket carriers!  Works as intended on Birel ART, KR, etc.

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190mm (<73T), 204mm (74-80T)