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  • The IAME KA100 is a world class engine manufactured by IAME.
  • The IAME KA100 is a 100cc air cooled Reedjet engine specifically designed for Karting Australia, and is intended to be taken to the world market by IAME.
  • The bottom end of the engine has the robustness of a 125cc engine while the cylinder and head are made to 100cc specification, providing a relatively unstressed and reliable power plant.
  • Engine weight is 22kg including all components and accessories. It is compatible with all chassis’, is easy to operate and maintain with long life between rebuilds and freshen-up maintenance.
  • The IAME KA100 engine is able to be used in both Junior and Senior classes at no cost and with minor changes by swapping the exhaust manifolds which are supplied with the engine as standard.
  • The engine power is reduced or increased simply by using or not using an exhaust restrictor.
  • The IAME KA100 Reedjet is cost effective to purchase and race:
  • No Blueprinting is required
  • Everything that a competitor needs to put the engine on their kart is ‘in the box’.
  • There is nothing more to buy (apart from fuel) before you race it for the first time.


  • Ignition with H.T. coil
  • Reinforced wiring loom with pushbuttons
  • Lateral cockpit for pushbuttons
  • NGK BR10EG spark plug with resistive cap
  • Centrifugal clutch assembly with z11 interchangeable sprocket
  • TILLOTSON HW-33A Ø24mm carburettor (expressly designed for this engine)
  • Exhaust manifold (inc. exhaust manifold restrictor)
  • One-piece exhaust muffler, with integrated silencer
  • Inlet silencer (Airbox with filter)


  • Simple Analogue ignition system.
  • Simple cable harness, just for starting and stopping engine, (Engine start possible even without battery, by an external starter).
  • Air cooling simplicity, no radiator hoses, no water pumps, no belts makes it easier for the beginner to remove, replace and maintain the engine.
  • Extended fins control engine temperature even in very hot climatic conditions.
  • Centrifugal clutch assembly with interchangeable sprocket.
  • One piece exhaust muffler with integrated silencer.
  • Inlet silencer (Airbox with filter)
  • Tillotson HW-33A Ø24mm carburettor (expressly designed for the KA100 engine)
  • High quality, accurate machining:
  • Precise cast iron liner with 5-Axis CNC machined ports.
  • High hardness aluminium alloy for cylinder barrel, cylinder head and crankcase.
  • Casehardened and grinded steel for crankshaft and conrod, allowing disassembly and re-assembly multiple times.
  • Total weight of approx 22kg complete with accessories.
  • Classes:
    KA4 Junior, KA3 Junior, KA4 Senior, KA3 Senior
  • Engine type:
    OTTO / 2-stroke air-cooled single cylinder
  • Bore:
    Ø48.20mm – Ø48.53mm max.
  • Stroke:
  • Displacement:
    98.53cc – 100.00cc max.
  • Max. power:
    22.0hp @ 10,250rpm (unrestricted)
    13.0hp @ 9,500rpm (restricted)
  • Max. torque:
    15.0Nm @ 9,750rpm (unrestricted)
    9.0Nm @ 9,000rpm (restricted)
  • Inlet system:
    Reed valve in the crankcase
  • Lubrication:
    Fuel/oil mixture 5%
  • Ignition:
    Analogue with adjustable advance
  • Starting:
    On board electric starter
  • Clutch:
    3-mass centrifugal dry

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Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 0.32 × 0.32 × 0.35 cm


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