CZ Chain – 219


CZ 219 Gold Chain – Lengths 96-112

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Using the best raw materials and perfect mastery of manufacturing processes, the Gold 219 CZ chain is surely the best chain in this category with very low resistance for performance.


  • Mini-kart, Cadet, Junior classes (practices and races)
  • Senior classes (practices or short races


  • First of all, you have to fix the engine and align perfectly the front and rear sprockets
  • After that, you need to release the engine to place the chain on the sprocket without any tensile stress to avoid any chain damage
  • Perform the chain tension: it must have a play of 10 to 15mm. After first use then you need to adjust the tension again
  • With a new chain, it is always better to use both new front and rear sprockets


  • The chain must be lubricated before each session in order to penetrate into the spaces between the pins, bushes and rollers to ensure longer durability
  • Do not apply the lubricant on a wet or dirty chain. Moisture or dirt must be removed by air blowing
  • Do never use any  chemical products to clean your chain: they can eliminate the lubrication of the rollers and pins


  • Used 219 Gold chain required inspection: be sure the chain is not seized (lubricating problem) and fits properly on the front and rear sprockets. Also you can check the rollers: they cannot be cracked or damaged.

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