Birel ART N32 Junior rental kart


Birel ART N32 Junior rental kart

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Birel ART N32 Junior rental kart (fleet prices avaliable)

N-32 J4T

N-32 J4T with adjustable sliding seat, adjustable sliding pedals, adjustable steering wheel height, fitted with rear end cover (to protect moving mechanical parts).

Available with chain or belt, hydraulic brake and optional headrest.

The weight 105 kg!

 Safety is our priority

 New design

 For children (up to 1 meter up to 1 meter 70)


 Easy to drive

 Very light steering


Available Engine Versions:

HONDA gx 120 | HONDA gx 160 | HONDA gx 200



Technical Assistance

We are also providing technical assistance.

Graphic Customization Service

On request, we can provide a personalised graphics for the karts, for tracks / sponsors / partners.


Attractive, futuristic artwork that evokes the lines of a racing kart, in terms of its graphics and its accessories.


A technically innovative product that responds to the demands of the rental market, it took over twelve months to design and develop.


Easy to drive thanks to adjustable and anatomical positioning of the seat and pedals, as well as improved performance and lateral grip in corners, replicating the feel of real kart racing.


A simplified general management for ease of operation for mechanical repairs and longer lifespan for parts.


It weighs around 30 kilos less than the competitors, which means reduced fuel consumption, longer tyre life, greater reliability and reduced maintenance and running costs.

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Weight 1 kg


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