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Developed in conjunction with Zero Motorcycles and Be Karting, the E-kart features a totally new innovation for the electric market: a battery removable in less than one minute. This optimises costs: as the run time and charging cycle of the battery are identical, it allows for a continuous cycle of use for the kart. 

In addition, E-kart featuress the most compact and lightest battery in the market for the amount of energy it contains. Its nominal voltage is 102 Volts and it utilises Lithium Ion chemistry. The weight of the battery box is 21kg, box included.
Thanks to the functional simulation and on-track tests done by the Birel ART R&D department, the integration of the powertrain and the management software has been optimised, in order to ensure safety, reliability and performance, stability, consistency, low weight and balance.
The motor type is FXS 75-5, the maximum torque is 57 Nm and the max power is 27hp (20 kW), at 3700rpm. The power pack max capacity is 3.6 KWh and it is air cooled with an IPM Motor (Interior Permanent Magnet) for significantly better cooling. The estimated pack life to 80% is 1.350 hours (indoor track).
The complete kart weighs 165kg, lighter than the competitors in the market.
The E-kart tethered to the chassis for ease of maintenance, in order to protect moving mechanical parts, engine and cabling.

Technical Assistance

We are also providing technical assistance.

Graphic Customization Service

On request, we can provide a personalised graphics for the karts, for tracks / sponsors / partners.

Green Version

Features a totally new innovation for the electric market: a battery removable in less than one minute.


Attractive, futuristic artwork that evokes the lines of a racing kart, in terms of its graphics and its accessories.


A technically innovative product that responds to the demands of the rental market, it took over twelve months to design and develop.


Easy to drive thanks to adjustable and anatomical positioning of the seat and pedals, as well as improved performance and lateral grip in corners, replicating the feel of real kart racing.


A simplified general management for ease of operation for mechanical repairs and longer lifespan for parts.


It weighs around 30 kilos less than the competitors, which means reduced fuel consumption, longer tyre life, greater reliability and reduced maintenance and running costs.


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