Patrizicorse Tech Tips – #1 A Clean Kart is a Fast Kart

February 11, 2021 | General

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A Clean Kart is a Fast Kart!

Not only does keeping your kart clean make you look good on track, it helps in detecting potential problems in your chassis and components which could be hindering your performance. 

It is important to continually and thoroughly clean your kart to recognise and rectify these problems to keep you performing at your best! 

Potential problems which can easily be identified while cleaning your kart include:

  • Chassis Cracks
  • Worn off bolts (eg. Floor tray or pod bolts)
  • Damage to chain or sprocket
  • Worn steering components
  • Gritty or seized axle bearings

While not common, chassis cracks have an immediate effect on kart performance. Cracks are much more easily identified when a chassis is free of grease and grime!

A clean kart also helps you stand out on track for all the right reasons!
As the old saying goes, “Look good, feel good!”

Here at Patrizicorse, we solely rely on Vrooam Lubricants to keep our karts looking like new every time we hit the track! The whole Vrooam Lubricants karting range is available online at patrizicorse.com! 

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Vrooam Lubricants Brake and Parts cleaner helps remove stubborn grease and grime off all parts of your kart! Great for around the the engine, sprocket, and brake components!

Vrooam Lubricants bodywork cleaner is great for use on plastics and stickers. Helps in removal of rubber and grease marks and leaves a glossy shine for next time you hit the track!

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