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The CORSA MAX2 radiator is developed to take advantage of the new MAX radiator core. Compared to the standard core, the MAX increases the cooling capacity up to 10% and allows, for a given size, up to 20% decrease in total weight. These features have made it possible to create a compact and light radiator that causes minimal aerodynamic drag and which, in terms of size, places itself between the DOUBLE and the NEW models.
Another notable feature of the CORSA MAX is the internal layout of its core which is split into two sections in series, thus forcing water to flow inside the radiator for a longer period of time: this increases the heat exchanged between water and air and improves cooling compared to a traditional radiator of the same size. This special double-pass internal configuration made it necessary to equip the radiator with a pressure-relief hole for an easier venting.
The small size of the CORSA MAX radiator offers a considerable advantage both when it comes to installation, even on karts that mount bulky fairings or large-size seats, and in terms of improved cooling of the brake system and the left rear tire, now hit by a less amount of dirty air.
Further optimization of the air flows is guaranteed by the rear deflector fitted as standard, which is able to channel hot air away from the rear tire and improves outflow from the rear of the radiator. The combination of all these elements makes the CORSA MAX radiator suitable for use in hot weather conditions.

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