CRY30-S12 KZ: Homologation 32/CH/20 FACTORY EDITION




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The initial that characterizes the new models for 2021 will be S12.

Following you will find all modifies applied on new 2020 karts develop during the season just ended.
Based on the S11 models we have further refined and improved the performance as well as different technical details that improve and simplify the use and management.

CRY30-S12 SH: Homologation 32/CH/20 (Expiry 2021)

Upgrade geometry of the frame (position of seat support)
New steering column FL-HI TECH
New support steering column FL–HI TECH (patented)
New system for footrest adjustment
New petrol tube guide

New Layout of stickers



1 – Steering Column HI – TECH: realized without any welding to avoid tensions and bending due to the high temperatures generated by the welding; the plates where the steering rods are applied will be fixed on a special aluminium part obtained from CNC machining offering the possibility of being able to change to vary the steering geometry (ackerman) and improve the set up in base of the exigences.
2 – Support steering column HI – TECH: this new support steering column was study to allow at the same steering column not to be a constraint when the kart is torsion and in the same time leave the same always in line and with its fulcrum: this product is patented.
3 – Footrest: the new footrest will be fixed on a counter plate that allow its regulation in a more easy and rapid regulation.
4 – Petrol tube guide: this particular allow to guide the petrol tube without having to use cable ties insulating tape
5 – Support wheel base: has been developed and tested a support axle bearing in order to vary the frame wheel base of 5 mm (lengthen or shorten) according to needs. With the flange there is a new special radial support to mount all and to maintain the correct position of the disc.

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